5 Most Popular Types Of Denim For Casual Style

Who does not know Denim? I think denim style has long been popular among fashion lovers around the world. Denim jeans are the basic ingredients of people favored because the color and material is quite comfortable to wear anytime and anywhere. Before popular as it is now, denim is usually only used as a pair of pants. At present, ranging from skirts, shirts, blouse to dress women can easily be found. But there are some things to consider when using denim. Denim is somewhat suitable in a variety of events, but not to one of the two together. Here are 5 types of denim and how to make it casual look!

Blouse Denim

Not surprisingly, denim becomes a must have item for everyone, neutral color becomes the reason. It is certainly easy for every user to mix and match denim with another outfit. Blouse denim including outift favored because the model range of models up baby doll shirt. For hijab style, denim blouse could be an alternative to complete your look. Many also the length denim blouse but still looks modern. Denim blouse is suitable for use with pants or a skirt though.

Denim Dress

For woman who claimed to denim lovers, you should not miss hunting outfit this woman. You can wear a denim dress for example, when you’re wanted to look feminine. Denim dress suitable for any body shape but you should select the type of denim dress that suits your body shape. There are many options such as denim dress mini dress, midi dress up maxi dress. For the small-waisted, select models denim wrap that accentuate your waist or belt can add accents.

High Waist Jeans

Who would have thought a model of this kind is very popular denim from time to time. Although the model of ladies jeans now begins diverse, high waist jeans are still popular. These jeans pants including must-have for high-waist jeans can give the impression proportional to your body especially for you who were thin. Pants that have emerged from 1960s is perfect paired with sweaters, shirts up to blouse.

Denim Skirt

Bored using a jeans? Time to switch to a feminine style that is using denim skirt. Pair denim skirt A-line with comfortable shirt in navy blue badan.Warna typical classic denim usually remains the target of many denim lovers. Denim skirts can also be selected for you who use the hijab. Choose a model maxi skirt denim jeans size up to ankle length.

Denim Shoes

If the denim material in the form of shirts and pants may be used. Now comes a new trend that is denim shoes. Type this one is a fashion outfit that you can try. Many choices denim shoes that you can choose according to your taste. For formal event, you can select, shoes denim wedges or heels models. For everyday activities, select models flatshoes denim or sneakers. Do not worry, whatever the color of your outfit, your shoes will add a cool denim look.

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