Behind The Making Hermes: Luxury Symbol Bags

Can collect a Hermes bag is a pride for every woman. You probably will agree for the price Hermes bag today could reach tens of thousands dollar, it also depends on the materials used, better the quality of goods, then the price will be more expensive Hermes bag. So do not be surprised if the bag is made in French company has been transformed into a symbol of luxury. They can have a collection of Hermes bags are also not the person recklessly. In addition to the rich, high-quality leather bags is also often used by world celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Janet Jackson, Heidi Klum and many more. Hermes has two types of handbags are very popular, they are Kelly and Birkin. Kelly name is taken from the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. While Birkin was taken from the name of artist Jane Birkin who live in France. This luxury bags made by the craftsmen at Hermes factory in Seloncourt. Making a Hermes bag takes a long time, about 18 to 24 hours, because Hermes bag is made by hand craftsmen. If you are curious how behind the making of Hermes bag, then this post will be a little less your curiosity. Let’s check it out!

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