Smart Ways To Choose A Bag That Fits Your Body Shape

Most of the women buy handbags because they like the design and of course the price. Rarely there are to choose a bag based on body shape. When in fact the bag can seem strange and disproportionate if it does not match the shape of your body. Design a bag that is too small or too big can make clear deficiencies in your body you really want to hide. The most basic rule in choosing a bag based on body shape is to choose the form in contrast to the body proportions. Here are some smart ways to choose a bag that will make you look more charming!

Tall And Slim

Bag suitable for a body shape like this is that the edges are rounded and upright with a slight accent curved at the top. Hobo bag could be the perfect choice.


For petite, you should stay away from oversized bags, because big bags will make you “sink”. Also avoid pipe bag on shoulder strap long, because it will only make you look shorter. Choose a drawstring bag that can be in a sling for balance of your body.

Full Figured

You need a bag-shaped box whose size medium to balance your body shape. Avoid large bags, because it will only make you look bigger than it should be.

Curvy And Short

If the your body is rather short and curvy, you certainly are not confident with the shape of the full hips. To work around this, choose a handbag that looks long and straight models for balance of your body.

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