15 Spooky Halloween Nail Art with It Movie Themes

There is nothing wrong if you are afraid of clowns, especially some time ago a movie remake based on a Stephen King novel titled It really inspired me a lot of themes for this year’s Halloween nails. The film that tells of a frightening clown who likes to eat out these kids can always make anyone have nightmares after watching it. After yesterday had a trend of clown-style makeup in the movie It, now nail makeup was not left a lot of fun by fashion lovers, especially among instagram.

Having seen the film yesterday, I immediately knew that makeup themed nail It will much enjoy doing by women. To get a creepy mood, especially for those of you who are confused to find a cool nail makeup for halloween, today I want to help you get favorite halloween nail makeup ideas. Look to see nail art are not only spooky but also has a stunning artistic value, it can be seen from every detail is made very carefully. Curious? Scroll down and get inspired!

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