15 Terrarium Eyes: Popular Eye Makeup On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely generated media of new trends, including the different Makeup trends and is full of innovation is able to give color in the world of beauty. Recently appeared unique and unusual eye makeup popular in Instagram. Trends eye makeup is a lot of loved women is called Terrarium eyes. Starting from a 19-year-old girl who first showcased this eye makeup trend to social media, she named Ellie Costelo made her eyes become more beautiful with Terrarium eye makeup. Ellie herself started her self-taught because she was happy to experiment, but who would have thought the result is quite stunning and much in love.

Terrarium eyes actually an eye makeup with emphasis on coloring eyelids. Not just coloring, this makeup also uses a flower ornament, leaf or even a branch of the original tree. In addition, Terrarium eyes can also be applied with gliter and other floral accessories. If you are interested in unusual eye makeup, this post will feature 15 photos with Trendy Terrarium makeup on Instagram. Enjoy!

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