Whimsical And Brilliant Purses With Food-Shaped Ideas

If you get bored with the usual purse design, a Dutch artist Rommy Kuperus tries to take three minds through food, fashion, and fun into a really strange design bag. To complete the collection of clothes, colorful and expressive, creative design produces fashion accessories inspired by cuisines because he did not want to leave their favorite food in the kitchen. To bring this delicious food wherever he goes, Rommy finally combines into a bag design that has a sense of humor. So far, you can see that a piece of cake, pasta farfalle, donuts, cheese, and even a baguette can be a charming accessories for your look.

According to Rommy, “My design is full of energy, a color explosion complete with a sense of humor, I like to see the product in different ways, and against the rules, because it will create that unique product!” While many collections this bag just for aesthetic purposes, there also has room for a phone, money, keys and other important things that you need. If you are interested in getting this food-shaped purses, you can visit a site that shows details about them. Buy It!

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