Mikanu: Collection’s Vintage And Handmade Accessories

Mikanu is a German label from vintage pieces and craft accessories. Founded by Nu Quach, a wife and mother of 3 children born in Vietnam and large in Germany, a dentist who is trained and likes beautiful and unique things. Currently Mikanu also marketed via Instagram, for pieces of the brand, especially handbags and accessories for children. Their products are fully handmade, in linen and cotton, and dipped by the designer himself. Mikanu is truly committed to sustainability through the quality of its products, all of which have their own historical values and stories inspired by their journey and of course their children.

Their collection is really beautiful, unique and very influenced by vintage style. They look for many objects for their homes and apply them in their own interiors, combining modern and old designs. Through Mikanu, they can finally share their inventions and their own craft creations. You can find a lot of unique accessories here, woven bags or minimalist organic cotton, raffia sandals, until lebut toy shaped fruit. All Mikanu collections are timeless and antique, designed to last long. If you are interested, there are still many beautiful things to find, especially for those who like crafts.

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