10 Legendary Women Bags Design And Never Timeless

Women’s fashion trends continue to grow rapidly and always present a variety of new innovations. Ranging from fashion styles, shoes, bags and other accessories. But there is one item that is most liked by women, namely bags. At present various models of bags from well-known brands always make women compete to have them.

For those of you who like the collection of bags, you might be a little disappointed if your bag model will be outdated when you come up with a new bag design, but do you know there are some designs that are legendary and never timeless. This bag design will survive every year and are always in demand by many women around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a career woman, still in school, until middle-aged. The model continues to be desired and hunted by women, although it will drain a lot of their budget. Here are 10 legendary bags that are popular from time to time according from brilio.net. Let’s check!

1. Lady Dior By Christian Dior

Lady Dior also includes a legendary handbag from the French fashion house Christian Dior. This bag was first made in 1965, but at that time it was called Chouchou and was intended specifically for the first women who bought it and Madame Chirac who first had it. When Madame Chirac presented one Lady Dior bag for Princess Diana, it became a classic and is still considered a must-have bag for all women.

2. Noe By Louis Vuitton

The designers at Louis Vuitton have created many women’s special bags that are legendary. But Noe bag is the most popular, made since 1932, this bag is actually a request from one of the champagne producers, but interestingly the work icon has a fantastic price. So do not be surprised if this bag looks sturdy and stylish, because it aims to be able to accommodate five bottles of wine in the bag.

3. Le Pliage By Longchamp

Le Pliage was inspired by Japanese origami art. Philippe Cassegrain, son of founder Jean Cassegrain of the fashionable kingdom of France Longchamp is the man behind the success of this bag. Straight lines, sharp angles and the ability to change the size of the wallet makes it truly unique, which reminds you to the art of Japanese origami.

4. Kelly By Hermes

This bag started in the 1930s. Popularized by Grace Kelly, Princess Monaco, which made her part of her style, that’s when Kelly bag became very famous.

5. Jackie By Gucci

This bag has actually been released since 1940, but it has only become a classic bag in the 60s. Thanks to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, this bag managed to become trendy again.

6. D-bag By Tod’s

The first bag collection comes from Tod’s through a collection of D-bag bags. This bag is probably the most popular of women’s handbags. Her own name came from the name Princess Diana, where he always carried a cream bag while traveling.

7. Veneta Hobi By Bottega Veneta

This time it came from an Italian fashion house, Bottega Vaneta, who managed to be popular with her charming handbag. Clutch Knots, CabatTote, Veneta Hobo are three of their classic bags. Veneta Hobo has good quality, starting from soft round sides, short straps and good size, making this bag practical and comfortable to wear.

8. Birkin By Hermes

Birkin bags are exclusive luxury bags released by Hermes in 1984, popularized by Jane Birkin with 80s style icons.

9. Baguette By Fendi

Starting in the late 90s, Silvia Fendi, as heir to the Italian fashion house, Fendi, decided to make a bag that was easy to carry and carry. Unexpectedly, his intention was even popular today, which we often know as Baguette.

10. 2.55 By Chanel

The last came from the Coco Chanel collection. In February 1955, they introduced a 2.55 bag that has a chain as its strap which can only be carried and carried on the shoulder. The name of this bag is also inspired from the date of production.

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