20 Unique Plant Dress With Nature Inspired

If you usually see dress that looks stylish from beautiful materials such as silk, chiffon, cotton and linen, then wait until you see this truly unique dress. Dresses should be designed to look attractive and should be comfortable when worn, especially every detail of the stitches and pieces of dress can not be arbitrary to get maximum results. But what if the designer doesn’t care about it all and makes dresses from unusual materials? Some designers who want a breakthrough in the world of fashion has spawned many unique designs from unusual materials, such as plants. Though plants are natural ingredients that easily wither and do not last long. If made a dress, it looks like it will be a challenge with unique results.

In the hands of these designers, in fact the dress of the plant is able to look awesome. Not even a few of them try to mix and match several types of flowers and plants into a work of art that deserves appreciation. These plants are very easy to create into various types of dresses. But usually dresses from plants are made and used only for certain events such as photo shoots, environmental promotions or in fashion shows. Curious about what dresses are made from plants? Let’s look at various interesting plant dress ideas that I’m sure to entertain you.

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