25 Most Beautiful Celebrity Style On Red Carpet Golden Globe 2019

Although one of the international film arena, The Golden Globes have ended earlier this year, but the splendor of the red carpet is still talked about today. Maybe it’s not surprising, because we know here is an arena for world celebrities to compete to showcase their best style. There are always interesting things from The Golden Globes that are the most awaited every year, and this time I want to summarize them in the 25 most beautiful celebrity styles that have caught the most attention.

Talking about the most beautiful dresses, we all agree that Lada Gaga was the best success thanks to Maison Valentino’s icy blue dress that matched her hairstyle. But there are still many surprises at The Golden Globe this year. One of them is Asian celebrity style, Gemma Chan and Constance Wu from ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ films which are no less stunning. Intrigued by any dress that managed to get the title as the most beautiful dress? Check out the list of the glory red carpet of the Golden Globes 2019 below.

1. Lady Gaga

2. Emma Stone

3. Thandie Newton

4. Taraji Henson

5. Saoirse Ronan

6. Rosamund Pike

7. Penelope Cruz

8. Nicole Kidman

9. Lupita Nyong’ O

10. Lucy Boynton

11. Lili Reinhart

12. Kendall Jenner

13. Julia Roberts

14. Jodie Comer

15. Joanna Newsom

16. Isla Fisher

17. Halle Berry

18. Gina Rodriguez

19. Gemma Chan

20. Emily Blunt

21. Dakota Fanning

22. Constance Wu

23. Camilla Belle

24. Anne Hathaway

25. Alison Brie

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