If you want to try something cool and stylish but still not too confident, why not try making a small tattoo on the neck? This is a cool way to show your friends that you can also appear bold with tattoos, and tattoos can also describe anything, whether you are a devout, a lover, or someone who follows the trend. Of course, the first thing to do is decide where you are going to make it, in the back, side or even right under your ear. Then determine what design you want to display for your new tattoo, it can be something small but has great meaning for your life. Some very popular ideas such as anchors, stars, triangles, crosses, birds or unique words will make your tattoo special. If you like simple tattoo designs, then let’s just black, you can dye temporary tattoo on your neck if you want to be more bold.

The neck is a good place to show your tattoo. Although small, tattooed on the neck gives you a cool silhouette for your overall appearance. Amazingly, you can close this tattoo if you don’t want to show it at certain moments. You can easily cover it with a scarf or jacket or collared shirt, and you are ready to appear formal or office workers. Small neck tattoo design on neck does not need to be complicated. Neck tattoos are usually just as simple as possible, some of my favorites are quotes, birds and anchors. You also can tattoo your neck with the wife’s name, or your mother, or your favorite super hero character inspired from the movie. Here I have collected 35 small neck tattoo ideas that will help you determine the best tattoo design. Scroll down and tell me your favorite!