35 Modern Batik Outfits For Women Cultural Styles

Batik has been known since ancient times, particularly by Indonesia. This unique patterned outfits is one of the national identities that cannot be separated from Indonesia. Not only as a cultural heritage, batik has now developed along with the development of fashion in more modern motifs and designs. It can be said that almost every woman in Indonesia has a collection of batik in their wardrobe, whether it’s dresses, shirts, skirts, blazers, jumpsuits and much more. Batik now has a variety of motifs and colors, maybe this is the reason why batik is favored by many women because it is very flexible for a variety of different styles and different styles. If the first batik is widely used by older women, now many young girls who like wearing these clothes. They usually wear batik on formal occasions such as parties, weddings and there are also those who choose batik as casual clothing with a combination of jeans and skirts.

As more and more trends and popularity of batik outfits, batik is also no longer in demand by Indonesian women. Many foreign designers who use batik as part of their fashion designs and often get a good appreciation in the world of fashion watchers. Batik is transformed into a fashion that is very stylish and far from outdated impression. So, don’t say you are a fashion lover if you don’t have a batik collection. Today I have collected 35 modern batik outfit ideas that you should not miss. Find the one you like the most from the following batik outfit styles.

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