Levis 51 Digital Camera To Capture Your Best Moments

This is the trendiest camera to support your appearance and style. Designed with excellent between quality never goes out of style, Levis has taught us very well. This camera is a tribute to Jeans who have dedicated to ‘native people’ designers, through creative hands Anna Nesterova and Roman Galeev have successfully completed Levis 51 Digital Camera. I believe that you can use your cellphone’s camera, but Levis 51 Digital Camera will not only capture your best moments, but become part of your denim style.

It looks very simple but attracts attention, the design itself is inspired by the Batwing logo to make this fine work of art. At first glance, it looks similar to your back pocket, that’s what makes Levis 51 very fitting and easy to carry everywhere. So, don’t confess you as a follower of a true denim style, if you don’t have this cool camera.

source: yankodesign

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