Loewe Limited Capsule Edition With Dumbo The Elephant

Loewe presents a new capsule collection through cartoon characters from Disney’s Dumbo the Elephant is an elephant who can fly with his ears. This Spanish fashion label was inspired by the iconic childhood character that first appeared in 1941 which became a series of fashion collections and accessories for Spring/Summer 2019. Loewe released a limited range of products including large and small Goya backpacks, and blue T pouch which will make your style even more adorable.

Not to stop there, their Dumbo collection is also present in a number of casual wear ready for men and women ranging from t-shirts, jackets, shorts and shirts to soft accessories. Clothes with a combination of shades of brown plaid, red and blue looks very cute with the appearance of the characters Dumbo on the chest or around the area of clothing.

This limited collection of collections was deliberately launched on March 29, 2019 later, along with the release of Tim Burton’s live-action Dumbo film. So if you include this unique character fan you can buy it at Loewe official site that displays details about them. What are you waiting for? Let’s watch the film while wearing a Dumbo clothing collection that will make the atmosphere even more exciting and lively.

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