Louis Vuitton Capsule Collection: Bags For Animal Lovers

Louis Vuitton collaborated with Grace Coddington has successfully released a collection bag for animal lovers with printed cat and dog. Louis Vuitton’s latest capsule collection is a breath of fresh air for those who love pets, Grace Coddington as creative director of Vogue America can be said to be the person behind the birth of this adorable cat and dog patterned bag. Was released in November last year, the theme of these animals is a form of love Grace will be a cat. She made a picture of two of his favorite Persian cats, pumpkins and cucumbers, and two dogs belonging to the creative director Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière, named Leon and Achille.

This bag collection made Grace as if the animals were running and jumping over Louis Vuitton logo. So with the presence of this collection, a new trend was created in the history of Louis Vuitton called Catogram. Catogram collection is basically a mixture of playful creativity with superior craftmanship Louis Vuitton. The inside of the bag is all also covered with mouse patterned canvas, and Grace’s signature stroke feels exclusive. While in the luggage section of the bag, the illustration details are made by dyeing the technique by hand.

This bag embodies the eclectic style of Grace Coddington and the eccentric side of Nicolas Ghesquière that is so unique. Now a series of classic bags, such as Petite Malle and City Steamer, as well as iconic bags of Speedy or Neverfull, look more fresh by using this humorous illustration motif. There are also Cats in Leather bags, if you want the latest collections that are combined with colorful animal print and emboss motifs on natural colored leather material. For a more simple collection, there are also a variety of small-sized bag in a more cute, like a sleeping cat character or a dog smile. Equipped with a removable chain so you can turn it into a handheld bag.

source: fashionista

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