September 30, 2022

Unique Succulent Nail Art From Instagram Trend

It might be a little late if I want to revive the trend of succulent nail art, but I don’t think there is anything certain about fashion, the trend is always changing and even returning to the era a few years ago. It’s hard to deny how Instagram beauty trends always affect me so far, although this trend come and go, but there is always a unique side of the beauty of how it should be displayed. You’ve probably seen glitter roots to lip geodes that are transformed into pretty unique beauty trends, if you think you’ve seen everything, wait until you see this succulent fresh nail art.

Australian artist Roz Borg is the man behind the success of this nail art, he took the original plant and stick to the finger nails, nail art creates colorful and lively. She started from taking a succulent baby by arranging colorful plants to create a bouquet effect on the nails. To do this, Borg put a succulent baby into a fake nail using Oasis flower adhesive. After drying, she pressed it to the decorative nail to his glue with nail glue. To keep plants from being wasted after being used as nail art, succulents can still be safely planted after the nails begin to break. So in addition you can look beautiful, nail art ideas is also still pay attention to the surrounding environment to keep the plant remains safe. How are you interested? Look at some succulent nail art and hope you are inspired!

source: instagram/roz borg

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