A Simple and Charming Wedding Dress in the Korean Drama Start-up Series

Fashion lovers and film lovers everywhere, this time a little different, we will discuss the fashion of a film that just ended in episode 16 on Sunday, 6/12/2020 yesterday, the Korean drama entitled Start Up. This kdrama is played by Bae Suzy as Seo Dal Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk who plays Nam Do san. This drama is quite interesting because it tells about the struggles of young people in achieving their dreams in the world of start-up companies. But for the idol team Han Ji Pyeong, played by Kim Seon Ho, looks disappointed like Han Ji Pyeong was just wasted by his idol girl. The name is also a film, we can only enjoy it, we can’t protest the friends. What’s interesting here is when I saw the gau that Bae Suzy wore at her wedding in this Korean drama series, the ivory white dress is charming, but looks elegant worn by Bae Suzy. It turns out that the dress is a collection from a brand from London England, Safiya. With an elegant cut with a unique and offering sleeves and decorated with a belt that can be removed as desired. This dress costs 1800 US dollars, or around Rp.25.4 million. A simple but charming dress can be a reference for the dress of choice for your wedding, a simple but elegant impression is perfect for those of you who have a small wedding garden party or private party theme. Come see the style below.

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