September 30, 2022

Animal Party At the Thom Browne Summer Bag Collection

Thom Browne is a fashion designer in America. He is the founder land of the chief designer for the men’s and women’s clothing brand named Thom Browne based in New York City. Browne started his dress, womenswear in 2014. Thom Browne always stole the attention with some of his collections. The latest at a fashion show in Paris some time ago, Thom Browne showed his collection, besides browne clothes also designed a beautiful bag that can be used for women or men.


There is something different about the Browne collection theme in the summer of 2020, which is the animal-themed collection bag. This black leather bag looks very unique by resembling animals, such as lions, deer, fish, turtles, camels, snakes, ducks, elephants, dogs, rabbits, rhinos and many others. A simple black bag that is suitable for both men and women. Stay sweet and still look cool and unique. The black color is very suitable to be combined into any color clothing. If you want to buy the Thom rwone collection please contact this link, let’s take a look at the collections.


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