September 27, 2021


Muslims in the world are now celebrating the beginning of the fasting of Ramadan, although appeals in some countries have stated to remain at home to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus, not make us not pay attention to appearance. You can look stylish and fasionable even stay at home. With a few abaya suit ideas below, it can inspire your dress style to fill leisure time during lockdown.

A loose-fitting abaya shirt allows you to move more freely, comfortably and stay sharia.  So it can still be stylish with comfortable clothes and not tight. The neutral black color can be mixed with shoes, bags and any accessories. Black will also make you look slimmer and elegant. Let’s look at some black abaya ideas while waiting to break the fast.


Abaya dress can be combined with several accents such as lace which will make it look more sweet and elegant. Lacy black clothes affect the imaginative, lace becomes an element of romantic that fashion lovers with a soft heart.

Can also be added with a bead accent that will look more glamorous and shining, some beautiful bordi and some rope. You can also play style by playing with many fabric textiles, for example, you can wear cotton pants, lacy skirts, jean pants or a combination of hijab with various fabrics.


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