Blackpink outfit style at the airport

Blackpink is a South Korean singer group consisting of Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose. Blackpink was formed by YG Entertainment in 2016, their first single titled Square One, with the song ‘Nestle’, then produced the song “Boombayah” which is the number one single on the Billboard Word Digital Songs chart which is the debut song most watched by Korean artists. Then came another popular single “DHU-Du ddu du” and “How You like that”, during its debut in 2016 until now Blackpink has won 25 awards and received 100 nominations. Blackpink has members from several countries, if Jisoo and Jennie are from Korea, they are different from Lisa and Rose, Rose is from New Zealand while Lisa is from Thailand. For Blackpink fans usually called “Blink”. Blackpink also collaborated with British artists in 2018, Dua Lipa.

In addition to being beautiful, sounding good, and good at dancing, Blackpink members were in the spotlight with their dress style. Even though the Blackpink stage looks cool and luxurious for their everyday style, they seem casua but still fashionable. Like the blazer style alloy blazer combined with a simple t-shirt or inner and then use a pretty blouse combined with a mini skirt, or jeans. Aksosoris Berets caps are also often used by Blackpink, not to forget Crop Tops also complement the style choices of Blackpink members who are very well-liked by millennial young people. Let’s take a peek Blackpink style at the Airport, hopefully can inspire the style that you will choose everyday.


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