Capes Style Choices for a Trendy and Glamorous Look

The first impression displayed by the capes style is the impression of elegance and glamor. Those who wear the capes style seem elegant, which is identical to the socialite fig style. Capes itself looks like a cloak with a second hole for the arm. Capes are simple and suitable to be combined with any style, you can choose a simple or feminine style, it just feels suitable to be combined with this capes-style dress. Besides being combined with trousers, shorts, jeans and sleeves, you can also combine them with a mini skirt or long skirt, accompanied by patterned or plain clothes.

Capes is very flexible to use in casual or formal events, besides you can wear it when you are hanging out with friends, you can also wear it for college, to the office or even to parties, the choice of materials used in the capes style looks very diverse from cotton, chiffon to which is made from a coat / coat so you can use it in various seasons, very fashionable and flexible. In addition, for those of you who are Muslims, this capes sleeve style can be the right style choice, which makes your chest look less bulging, you can combine it with any style, you can even mix it with a long sleeve shirt. Very comfortable and comfortable to wear does not look tight so it makes you more comfortable to be able to move freely.


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