Casual and Cozy Style with Culottes

Fashion lovers welcome to see you again, wherever you are, hopefully you will always be healthy, happy and blessed by God. As usual we will return to discuss the fashion and styles that are trending among fashion lovers. This time we will discuss the hijab style, the hijabers are certainly looking forward to the styles that are trending this month which will add to your style inspiration in mix and match clothes. This time for hijabers who have fairly dense outdoor activities and need comfort in clothing, you can try to mix and match culottes with super cozy clothes or shirts that you can use in your activities, hangout, work or any event. Guaranteed you can get a comfortable and loose trouser suit that makes your movement activities more free. Various materials, from cotton, chiffon and even denim, make culottes flexible, combined with t-shirts, shirts or blazers, of course, make your style even cooler. It’s super comfortable to wear, let’s take a peek at some of the styles below.

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