Charming style of BTS Personnel

BTS or the abbreviation of Bangtan Boys debuted on June 13, 2013, which consisted of 7 personnel from the Big Hit Entertainment. BTS debuted on their first album 2 Cool Scool with a single titled “No More Dream.” And BTS won the Aetist of The Year award starting from the Melon Music Award 2013, to the award at the 2014 Seoul Music Awards. Two BTS albums also made it to the Billboard 200 namely The Most Beautiful Moment in LifePart 2 and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. BTS fans are named A.R.M.Y in all parts of the world. There are 7 members of BTS, namely RM with the real name Kim Nam Joon, Jin with the real name Kim Seok Jin, Suga with the original name Min Yoon Gi, J-Hope with the real name Jung Ho Seok, Jimin / Park Ji Min, V / Kim Te Hyung and Jungkook or Jeon Jung Kook.

The BTS personnel who are handsome, good at singing, dance make them have a lot of fans in various countries, besides that they also have a very cool appearance in every appearance and in everyday looks seen in his style at the airport is very fasshionable and charming. Suits with different styles each personnel has a different style. The following are some of the styles worn by BTS personnel.


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