Coat Style Idea Makes Your Style Look Fresher

Still in the atmosphere of Ramadan for Muslims around the world. Still confused looking for fashion ideas that can make you more fashionable, it’s time to change your cardigan by wearing a coat that you can mix with other fashon items to suit your taste. Coat that was only used only in winter now you can wear everyday. You can use it to go for a walk, to the office, campus, or daily activities. The wide choice of colors for the cot you will wear can be adjusted to the needs or events that you attend.

The hijabers who likes edgy style, you can wear oxford shoes with ankle boots, with a blend of black coat will make you even cool. In addition to the blazer to the office can use a coat, a brown coat added with motifs or plain pants combined with a shirt can make your style look more attractive for use in the office.

In addition, a variety of colors and motifs coat you can mix and match in your hijab style along with booth shoes, sneakers, sports shoes, skirts, even sweater. You can adjust the bag and hijab accessories to the outfit you are wearing. So you want to make your fashion style look fresher and not bored, let’s look at the style below.

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