Face Mask are Becoming a New Fashion Trend Amid the Outbreak of the Corona Virus

This year is an unexpected year in everything, including in the world of fashion. If in 2019 the collection of super mini bags from the Jacquemus brand and minimalist sandals from Bottega Veneta succeeded in becoming the spotlight of fashion lovers, in fashion week 2020 this mask became a hot item that was widely worn during the ongoing fashion week.The emergence of face masks as a fashion trend is not without reason. Fashionable, funny and unique face masks present as a response to the fashion world to the corona virus phenomenon that occurred in Wuhan, China, since last January and spread to almost all countries in the world.

Even in the midst of the Corona virus outbreak that has claimed hundreds of lives that continue to grow every day, the designers seemed to try to increase public awareness of the importance of protecting themselves from the transmission of the deadly virus. Masks are not only used in sick conditions but also in a healthy condition so as not to get infected with the virus. Some of the world’s designers present face masks as one of the fashion accessories that did not go unnoticed.

Call it the famous designers Phillipe and David Blond who present face masks with beaded and studded decorations at New York Fashion Week.Although it is known that the face masks from the cloth cannot prevent the spread of the virus, fashion lovers still wear them as accessories to support their style. Medical masks let medical use, and cloth masks for non-medical, do not forget to keep clean, wash hands, get enough rest and still be filled with nutritious food intake. You can get masks like we normally buy at pharmacies, shops or other shops. Diverse materials such as from lace, chiffon, cotton, with plain, colorful, patterned, cute and luxury accents are available. Let’s find out a row of fashionable masks. Hopefully we can pass Covid 19 with a healthy and brave, hopefully quickly passed.





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