Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid Style Idea for Your Wedding Day

Wedding party does not only involve family and adult friends, the involvement of young children such as relatives or nieces can make the wedding atmosphere more cheerful. You can make them look more beautiful and cute with fashion styles that fit your wedding theme. You can make them accompanists in your wedding, children aged three to eight years you can make a flower girl, who will scatter flowers along the way as bridesmaids enter the event area.

Besides flower girl you can also make them your junior bridesmaid who accompanies the wedding procession. They will make the atmosphere more pleasant. The thing to note is that keeping their moods will remain good, because the mood of children is easy to change. Here are some fashion styles for your bridesmaids.

Lacy skirt and soft colour or white tulle can be a choice of style for girls, the dress a model that expands , lightweight, and not hot makes their little bodies more adorable. You can add flower bandanas, or in pigtails, or cute crowns, if they can use ballet shoes, or a boots. For boys you can wear their suits, white shirts with hook, long or short pants and a bow tie with brown or black shoes will make them look cool.

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