I’m in Love, Polkadot

It’s entering a new month, May is still in the summer atmosphere and if you are looking for a reference to the style of fashion that is a trend in 2020. This time we will look for style inspiration from polka-dot motifs. This motif, which once succeeded in 2019, is one of the motifs that are in high demand throughout the world. Motifs with a round pattern consisting of a circle arrangement began to be liked by millennials who like a unique and simple style. Lots of motive outfits that you can mix and match using polka-dot outfits. The development of fashion makes polkadot can be made in types of clothing such as dresses, blouse, skirts, pants, to jumpsuit. Polka-dot polka dots motifs are made in combination with various styles, according to the choice of colors and sizes of polka-dot motifs.

For those of you who have rather contained bodies, polka-dot motifs can give the effect of a thin-looking body. The emergence of polka-dot motifs in various fashion shows, especially in the New York fashion week a few days ago, made this motif increasingly popular and loved by fashion lovers. Here is a polka-dot style that you can combine with other outfits, you can adjust it to the event you want to visit. Begin to find a new style for your clothing appearance so that you are more enthusiastic about your day.








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