IU’s Cute Outfit is a role model for Korean young people

Lee Ji Eun, or commonly known as IU, began her career since she was young, the woman born in May 16, 1993 made her first debut in 2008, under the auspices of LEON Entertainment as a singer with K-pop music genre. IU’s stage name comes from the words “I and You (Me and You)” which symbolizes that “we” can become “one” through music.

After 9 years of a career, this beautiful singer is quite successful in the South Korean entertainment industry. The skyrocketed and starred in the film Hotel La Luna. Not only that. IU should also be a role model in dressing. Because the fashion style is simple but sweet is a role model for South Korean youth.

Here are inspirations from a beautiful and simple IU outfit to make your style even cooler.

Combines a cute bruchet / sweater with a plisket skirt  and short booth shoes.

cute style with blouse and skirt

Charming orange skirt in Gucci

sweet black blazers, skirt and stockings


Simple look style

Floral dress

pink hoodie fashion




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