Kebaya Engagement Idea 2020 for Women

This new normal situation is happy news, although it has not been able to be maximal but it has been allowed to hold events with the health protocol. For example holding a proposal / fiance or wedding. As in kebaya marriage, kebaya proposal is also an important thing. Everyone wants to look special in their application moments, because there will be many people who attend should prepare well for your event well in advance, as well as prepare what kind of kebaya you want to use later, whether hijab or not. You can adjust the color of the kebaya that you want to use on your proposal day later. Common colors used include pink, brown, gold, purple, cream, nude, blue, and many more.

Kebaya usually has a simple style and no hassle, plus a batik skirt at the bottom adds to your elegant appearance. You can also choose a kebaya design with gradient colors coupled with sequin and swarovski decorations. There is also a kebaya with a round collar design that can make the neck look more level, plus a transparent tulle underneath, plus a backside made with a backless model that looks more modern. For you who have a high body posture you can wear a kebaya with a dramatic cape model, a wide cape can increase the volume of your appearance so that it makes your body look more proportionate with the addition of brocade and sequins to make your appearance more attractive. Here are some kebaya images that you can make inspiration on your happy day.



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