Look Cooler with a Bomber Jacket

In the world of bomber jacket fashion is not a phenomenon of a new thing, bomber jacket back into a world fashion trend especially when entering winter like this. Because the temperature rises, of course, making wool overcoats or thick jackets is one thing that is sought after by many people. Of the various jackets available, Bomber jacket is one of the choices that can be worn in winter as well, a rather thick inner lining with a parachute material outside the jacket makes this jacket quite warm when worn in winter. Bomber jackets can be used in a variety of climate climates as well, in winter or summer even bomber jackets are no less charming to wear, if in cold climates such as Europe the jackets are used so as not to get cold, in tropical countries jackets can also be used to protect skin from exposure direct sunlight during the day. A variety of color choices, can make you still look cool with a choice of bomber jackets that match the color of the pants you want to wear. This model of Bomber jacket has fashionable cutting, which will make the wear look cool. This jacket is very suitable to be combined with any pants and shoes according to your favorite style, pants and shorts will still look good.


One of the influential world designers of this bomber jacket is Kim Jones, he is the person in charge of fashionhow in Spring / summer 2012 there is a Louis Vuitton fashion line. Kim Jones highlighted various types of pestle bomber jackets afterwards began to continue their innovation. Then many other traces that also developed a bomber jacket like Burberry and Valentino. Bomber jackets then began to appear everywhere including in films such as Ewan McGregor Renton in the film Trainspotting, then also actor Daniel Craig the James Bond in the film Casino Royales and many others. Many popping up everywhere make this bomber jacket increasingly popular.


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