Look Cooler with a Tuxedo Style

Women will like a man who is well-groomed. Men will look charismatic and elegant when wearing a suit, there are various types of suits in the world of fashion. Let’s get to know some of the outfits that men wear. This time we will discuss the tuxedo. A tuxedo does look similar to a suit but it turns out that a suit and a tuxedo are different. If suits are often used for formal events or state events, then the tuxedo is worn in even more formal events such as weddings, parties or premiere gala. Judging from the type of collar, usually the tuxedo is made of velvet or satin which looks shiny while the collar coat is often a notchel-lapel or collar shape. If the suit tie will make the appearance look more perfect because it is a suitable suit for a medium coat, a tuxedo, a tie is no longer an option but usually requires a bow tie or vest and a cummerband.

In terms of different materials, suits are usually made of linen, standard and from drill materials and are traditional, some are made of wool. While the tuxedo is designed with higher quality materials, usually using silk and satin, or velvet. And packed more modern than a suit. For those of you who are confused about looking for a tux, let’s take a look at some of the inspirations below that will make your style even cooler and more elegant



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