Modern Creations of Fabric and Wrap Scarf Make Your Style Even Cooler

When you are confused about determining which OOTD you will wear to attend the invitation, or when you want to go out of the house or on vacation but don’t want to bother carrying lots of clothes and want to be more simple and relaxed. You can choose the style using a wrap skirt, fabric or scarf. You can use this scarf or wrap in a variety of formal and casual events, depending on the choice of fabric and motifs. Motifs with batik motifs, flowering materials made from a little thick are suitable for formal events such as weddings that are very suitable to be combined using kebaya, and fabric is the right choice to accompany it. Twisted skirt is still a favorite until now, because it can be formed with a variety of models that are flexible and matched with anything, looks elegant, simple with a modern touch. Fabric creations with a variety of modes from skirts, vests, bags to tops. It doesn’t take long, it’s simple and doesn’t need to be sewn, you can try this skirt tutorial yourself. So when you are in a rush or haven’t had time to shop, you can check what style you can wear. Check it out!

1. Side Twists 

1. Prepare a long batik sheet, then tie the width of the right-left side at the back.

2.Pull the remaining fabric that is still long past the lower leg and bring it back between the legs.

3. After that, trim and tie again to the front of the waist (may be tied in front or on the waist)

4. done

Wrap the skirt with a ribbon  

1. Spread one sheet of batik cloth, leave one side longer

2. Cross the ends of the cloth on both sides.

3. The longer side of the fabric is wrapped around the waist to meet the shorter side of the fabric

4. After that, tie a cloth on the side of the waist, can form a neat ribbon. Done!

Draperi Wrap Skirt

1. Lets, Spread fabric with the same width

2. Cross the cloth on the front to form a draper

3. then, bring the cloth to the back and tie it tightly

4. Well, this girth skirt shows a bit of the lower leg, so don’t forget to wear long leggings, ladies’ legs. Done!

Skirt Wrap with Ring

1. Spread batik cloth and prepare a ring for fabric, can be round or square, according to your taste.

2. Insert the fabric into the ring in the opposite direction (the right side opposite the left side)

3. Then pull the cloth that has been inserted into the ring earlier4. Then, pull opposite to the right and left sides and bring it back, so that the front looks neat

5. Tie the cloth on the back and trim it so it doesn’t look messy. Done!

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