New Hairstyles, New Spirits

Men’s hairstyles develop every year. Apart from shoes and bags, hair is one of the important roles that support a man’s appearance. The shape of a man’s face and head affects the male hair style accordingly.  The emergence of new trends among idol artists also affects men in determining the hair style they will choose. Here are 4 hairstyles that you can try to add inspiration to the hairstyle you will choose,


 Undercut ever appeared and became a trend for haircuts in 2010’s, became popular again in 2020. For those of you who want to look elegant and cool, you can choose this hair style. This haircut is characterized by thin cuts on both sides to the back of the head hair. This haircut is suitable for those of you who have straight hair types, you can add pomade oil so that your hair looks so cool.


Modern Bowl Haircut

This hair trend was once popular in the 60s by the Beatles and reappeared in the 90s in the film Dumb and Dunber. Then Justin Bieber had managed to bring this haircut into a trend among men. But in the end it faded after being replaced with an undercut piece.

Along with Korean fever that continues to plague, men enjoy these modern pieces of bowl. This cut makes the face look more charming and trendy, also makes the face look cuter. You can let your hair a little long, and give texture your hair to look volume more. This hair is suitable for all hair types, so it can be a safe choice for your haircut style.


Ivy league style

 This hairstyle is almost similar to crew cut hairstyles. The difference is this Ivy league hairstyle leaves hair on the top of the head, this haircut makes the jaw look more prominent. This hairstyle is also easy to mix with any fashion style.


Curtains Hairstyle

This hairstyle is reminiscent of a boy band in the 90s. In that year it became very popular and returned this year. You can add a twist to your hair to make it look cool. In addition, it can add pomade hair oil on the front to make it look wavy and hold all day long, so the hair will remain neat even though it has been active all day.

The most important thing is keep your hair clean and wash hair regularly so that your hair doesn’t look limp and can add vitamins to make hair look healthier, good luck, hopefully some of the hair ideas above make your appearance more cool and charming and make you more excited to undergo activities.

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