Pashmina Hijab Tutorial for Your Fashion Style

How are the fashion lovers, especially the beautiful Muslim women with their hijab. It’s time for the new normal d pademi corona in almost all parts of the world, keep your health, keep clean and also wear a mask. It is time to return to normal life which almost a few months ago might have done everything from home. Of course you need a new atmosphere and style to prepare yourself to start different days before the corona outbreak comes. For you who want to try a new style, you can apply it yourself on the hijab that you want to wear on your show. Of course, for those of you who want to continue to look fashionable but want a simple style, not complicated and fast. Short time and tight schedule sometimes makes us look for an alternative style of hijab that is easy, there are several types of hijab, but this time we will choose pashmina. Pashmina is one of the hijab that is easy to be applied in any style and moment. Both formal and informal feels like Pashmina looks flexible and can be adapted to what style you choose.

The choice of fabric and clothes makes Pashmina can be made into any model, in the store, tied, or become a turban which is also very fit in any moment. Use simple and does not require a long time to be one of the right choices, you can add ciput in it, then give the needle under the chin. Pashmina is one of the hijab that is easily formed following the style to be chosen. Here are some cool pashmina hijab tutorials for vacation, work, campus or just hangout with friends.


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