Pre Fall Fashion Show 2020 by Stella Jane Collection

Return to greet fashion lovers wherever you are. This time we have a little refreshment with the cheerful style of the 2020 pre-fall fashion show from Stella Jean. For those of you fashion lovers who are curious about Stella Jean, here is a short profile of this beautiful designer. The designer who was born on June 17, 1979 who comes from Stella Novarino Italy. Jean is the only Italian designer with an Afro-European background. Jean is a protégé of Giorgio Armani and then Jean works in Rome. Jean is bold in displaying his colorful and multicultural work. The multiculturalism that Jean applies to fashion creates her own metallic identity with various beautiful and captivating cultural blends. Stella Jean loves to combine classic Italian style sewing with styles from different cultures. In 2019 Jean is in the spotlight of the New York Times as the most convincing designer of all the new designers in Milan. Stella Jean created the “Laboratorio delle Nazioni” which is expected to become a business model and platform for sustainable development. Here is Jean’s recent pre fall 2020 work, hopefully it will inspire your style.jane


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