Sapto Djojokartiko’s charming dress collection

Indonesian fashion lovers must be familiar with the name of famous designer Sapto Djojokartiko. The man who loved this sketch came from a solo in Central Java in Indonesia, his love of cultural traditions and sketches led him to become a famous designer. Sapto Djojokartiko started his step in the world of fashion in 1997, he studied fashion design & Pattern Making at L’Ecole Superieure des Art et Technique de la Mode. Then in 2007 Sapto Njojokartiko officially launched his work. In 2009 Sapto Djojokartiko follow Couture Fashion which gave birth work to the Ready to Wear Collection received a rousing and good reception. Sapto Djojokartiko also received an award in 2011 in the Elle Style Award as Fashion Designer of the Year, Sapto Njojokartiko also received the Best Pattern Maker award from his alma mater, ESMOD.

Some sapto djojokartiko collections include Ready To Wear Spring / Summer 2013 with the theme of Vastu Vidya which is an interpretation of the foundations and lines of architecture which means that architecture means providing continuity for all aspects of life, then, bride and Evening Collection 2012-2013, Love of Sapto Njojokartiko on culture makes it gives a touch of cultural characteristics that are packaged nicely in a modern dressing. Making it attractive for young fashion lovers, besides Sapto Djojokartiko’s clothes, also designed shoes, eyewear and accessories. If you are interested in Sapto Djojokartika’s collection, you can check, let’s take a look at some of the collections below.

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