The Charm of Henna with all its Beauty

Henna for most people is no longer familiar to the ear, henna is generally used on the hands or feet. Henna is usually used by brides before the wedding in the form of pictures of motifs that have carved motifs, flowers or even added beaded accents and nail art. Various types of henna that will add to the impression of beautiful, luxurious or charming. Several types and motifs that develop about henna will inspire what style is right for your style. Some of the hrnna motifs that can inspire your style are as follows

White Henna 

The hena that looks simple, white, cantile, elegant and attractive is also one of the most popular henna for brides. This henna makes the bride’s hands look prettier using this color hena. For those of you who want to look elegant, white henna can be your choice.



Henna Motif sunflower

For you who are thin and have small fingers, you can choose this type of henna, this type of henna can make your fingers look bigger / fatter.

Henna motif artwindow 

With a small fringe motif at the end of the hand will make the bride’s hands look more beautiful.Henna with beadsThe addition of beads and nail art to the henna on the bride’s hand makes it look more elegant and beautiful.

Henna Khaleej’s simple motif 

The pattern on this henna is simple like Ornaen, with the design of the top of the bracelet pulled from the wrist to the middle arm. The patches on the top of the fingers are left plain or sprinkled with ring illustration designs engraved on the fingers of the bride and groom.

Henna simpe Floral branch 

This motif forms a long floral motif engraved from the tip of the index finger to the wrist. Design which is one of the design of Menhi with intricate but beautiful details.

Minimalist Floral henna

motif Henna’s minimalist design makes a minimalist impression, can be combined with a simple or minimalist dress.

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