The Charm of Lurik and Batik Clothing from the Lulu Lutfi Labibi Collection

Fashion is increasingly developing in the world. Men and women from various professions are now increasingly competing to be different and attractive. This was welcomed enthusiastically by designer Lulu Lutfi Labibi, a designer from Yogyakarta. Lulu Lutfi Labibi also successfully exhibited the work of her designers at the 8th Annual Museum Quartier Fashion Week in Austria entitled my homeland. Lulu’s unique collection conjures ordinary lurk fabrics into classy and charming clothing. Lulu’s collection of lurik, batik with a modern twist. This collection from Lulu mostly uses Japanese draping and aesthetic techniques. Most of the collection looks patternless by playing with the design with rope and fabric wrapped around, stacked and also tied. Lulu makes its collection easy to mix and match with anything.

Lulu Lutfi Labibu’s fashion collection has also enlivened the Jakarta Fashion Week event in 2013. Lulu made a fashion collection with the theme of the Revival of Dutch Batik which is a Dutch batik that was used in colonial times which was influenced by European culture. Then in 2011 Lulu was also the first winner of the Fashion Designing Competition (LPM). The man who graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, made a concept in his collection by combining jogja luri, contemporary batik to the Kalten goyor glove in his design. This victory earned him a scholarship for 3 months studying in Los Angeles, at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Lulu’s concern in the world of education also had collaborated with students at SMK 2 Gedongsari Yogyakarta focused on developing batik motifs, especially the flora and fauna that became typical of batik in the Gedongsari area. There Lululu shared her knowledge of lurik and Kupang woven fabrics. For those of you who want to see some collections from Lulu, please see below and you can also click on the blue lululutfilabibi Instagram to order a collection of clothing from Lulu Lutfi Labibi.




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