The Style of Clothes with Houndstooth Motifs that are Timeless

The houndsthooth motif is a motif that resembles a square with an additional stripe on all four sides and is often found in black and white and other colors. Houndstood motif will make you look more attractive. Shirts, blazers, jackets, to accessories and other supporting items, always look classy if you combine them with this one motif, so that the existence of this motif seems timeless. Created in the 1800s, the Scots were the first to create this motif as a special wool garment for shepherds.

Unexpectedly, the simple houndsthooth motif had been around for years in a timeless term. Has deep meaning for several human beings in the world. This motif is also used to camouflage on the battlefield. The combination of black and white makes this motif look dark so that it can give the eye a little illusion that it has turned dark gray. This is what makes the houndstood motif one of the costumes that can be used to amofage on the battlefield. This motif is also a symbol of peace. The motif, which consists of many irregular squares, happens to be that this motif does not become a typical clan outfit. Neutrality and does not support certain parties, making this motif can also be used as a symbol of peace.

Then over time, the motifs that were previously used by shepherds gradually changed to become more classy and fashionable. And assume only rich people can wear houndstooth patterns. In the 1930s, when someone wore a houndstooth patterned shirt, the aim was to show his upper class social status. In those days, only the rich could afford and wear these dog-toothed clothes. Before being called a houndsthooth, this motif was named after a dogtooth because of its shape that resembled a tooth on a closer look. If the motif gets smaller it will be called a puppytooth.

Many famous brands have created many fashion items with this houndstooth motif. Among them were Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Armani, who competed to introduce their houndstooth collection. Houndstooth became increasingly famous in the world when King Edward VIII and Prince Charles of the British Empire went viral when wearing suits with houndstooth motifs. Kate Midalton was also seen wearing this motif in his show, this motif can also be worn by men, here are the styles clothing using houndstooth motif.


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