Trend Make Up Style 2020

For women, beauty is something important that supports their appearance to look more charming. The easier it is to access information about fashion styles, beauty styles make many people compete to become vloggers. In addition to clothing and accessories, another important part that is very important for women is make up. Make up is an important part of appearance. The women add make-up as part of their fashion which matches perfectly with the fashion style and what accessories they want to use. This time we will discuss the makeup styles that are trending in 2020.

1.Natural LookAs the name implies,

natural look make up is make up with natural effects so that it looks more natural, usually with a thin make up, not too thick.

2. Smokey eyes

A smookey look that is supported by dark colors, especially gray, but there are also gold ones to make it look more glamorous. This make is suitable for use in formal parties / events.

3. Neon Corner

This type of make-up uses neon inner corners, choosing bright colors like yellow, red or other bright colors. Make-up that makes the face effect look brighter.

4. The Delicate SoulChoosing

this type of make emphasizes natural and bright colors by combining sparkling shimmer effects such as gold, silver or dusty pink colors. Suitable for use in formal events or parties too.

5. The Pace Setter

This make-up uses cool eye makeup, usually choosing a bronze color or a natural, wram color. Due to the effect of choosing a warm, the make-up still looks natural even in bold results

6. The Front Row

Make-up with a bold and feraless theme creates the illusion of a line on the eye using eyeliner which makes the make-up effect look dramatic.

7. The Dashing Seeker

The make-up trend that is the next trend is make-up of this type, ombre on the lips and the application of eyeshadow to make modern women feel more confident. Make-up is often used in Korea, especially k-pop artists or other artists. The lip ombre is one that is loved by the millennial generation.Here are some makeup photos, which you can use as inspiration for your next make up style.





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