Tshirt Style Choices for Casual Can, Can Also be Formal

The lovers of the fashion world were not only happening to women but men also did not lose liking the world of fashion, men also began to pay attention to their appearance, pay attention to fashion appearance from head to toe. Mobility of movement and extensive social space will shape the choice of fashion, especially the many sources of inspiration that are easily accessed about lifestyle in cyberspace and the increasing number of online shopping worldwide that makes it easier for fashion lovers to shop, of course, the choice of fashion styles that are chosen need to pay attention to comfort and suitability for yourself and look suitable if worn in the event to be attended. For you lovers of casual style that is not complicated, relaxed but comfortable, the choice of long-sleeved shirts may be your choice of style. A relaxed style of fashion that fits perfectly with pants and a variety of shoes. For you monochrome lovers, you can also choose this style for your appearance, you can also add sneakers for example.


Long shirts should be chosen material that is comfortable to use, long-sleeved shirts with parts that fit the body will show the shape of your curves that will look more attractive. You can choose famous colors or dark colors that suit your tastes. The important color is still suitable, a combination of colors that you can inspire as below. For example, you mix blue jeans, pants, brown, army green, gray or black. For those of you who like the formal style, for example you want to wear to go to the kntor, to the campus or to an official event the selection of a semi-sweater long sleeve shirt might be an option, you can wear a short sleeve shirt first before you can wear a sweater / sleeve long on the outside so that it looks a bit a collar of a shirt in it earlier, the style looks more presentable if used for formal events that you want to attend.


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