Unique blend style of hijab outfit with ablution leggings

Hijab innovation is getting more and more creative, social media development and everything that is easy to make fashion develop rapidly, with new style or adopted with old style fashion is growing very rapidly assisted by ease of access and ways to get goods, the rise of online shop makes people able to get what they want by just sitting sweetly at home. This time we will discuss fashion that is a trend among fashion lovers the last few years to date, one of which is the innovation of the hijab style using ablution leggings. Leggings that are worn look like stockings but close up to the sole of the difference there is an gap to be able to pull out the foot if you want to do ablution, the gap in the foot is very easy to open if you want to do ablution so it is very practical to wear. Material from ablution leggings is generally quite thick so that it can cover the genitals to the feet and can be a sweet blend with the outfit that will be worn.

Ablution leggings you can match with your choice of outfit, the choice of outfit and a combination of ablution leggings that fit will make you look more charming and beautiful. You don’t have to buy new clothes. You can mix and match the clothes that are in your wardrobe. The tip is confidence. Here is a blend of styles that can be considered for you to choose your appearance style. The first blend you can combine it with a tunic, skirt, or dress with a size that is not too long around 7/8, this look will make your appearance look contemporary and sweet. The second one you can combine it with pants or culottes with a length of 7/8 so that the ablution leggings can be seen. Then the third combination you can add shoes that will highlight your appearance such as boots, sneakers and loafers shoe selection will add to your appearance more charming. This style of hijab with ablution leggings is very flexible, can be integrated for any event, it can be casual, sporty or feminine. From the combination that you can imagine what kind of style you want to wear later, good luck.


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