Unique Rattan Bags Which Are Increasingly Popular In 2020

Every year it always comes up with new trends besides fashion and shoes bags are important components that can support your appearance every heart. Today we will discuss one of the bags becoming a trend since 2017 yesterday, namely rattan bags, raffia or also often called woven bags. This bag model became popular in the 70s which was popularized by artist Jane Birkin that she wore for a walk. Then rattan bags became a trend again in 2017 when several world designers showcased summer collections, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Charlotte Olimpia, Tory Bruch, Gucci and Chanel. Then in 2018 this rattan bag was issued by fashion labels like Miu Miu, Kate Spade to Emporio Armani.

Rattan bags are seen to have their own charm, a strong rustic and ethnic look that makes them look attractive, still combined with any outfit, formal or non-formal, this rattan bag looks to be a perfect blend. There are several types of rattan bags in terms of shape, there are boxes, round, oval, and irregular. For this type of bag size, there are large or small. Here are some of the collections.

Leather Basket bag

Woven bag with a size large enough to have details with accents with brown or black colored leather, it is very practical to carry several items such as make up, handphone wallet and soon.

Straw bucket bag

A medium-sized oval bag, which is enough to carry simple items for a walk. The size of this bag is smaller than a leather basket bag.

Crossbody bag

This crossbody bag is round or semicircular, equipped with a long strap that can be easily slung to the shoulder. This model also often adds variations in leather material on the strap and body bag. This isn’t too big so it’s perfect for you to wear when you hang out and relax.

Honeypot bag

Rattan bag with the right size that you can use for your friends, besides the box, the moon also has a trapezoid shape for this bag.

Woven Straw Clutch

Woven Straw Clutch Of all the types of bags above, this type of rattan bag is smaller, which can only be filled with one item that is not too large, can be benthic or stretched by hand. Woven straw clucht can be used in official events.

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