26 Cool Vacation Outfit Style Ideas

How was your day off, have you used it for vacation, enjoyed time alone or with your family or did you use your day off for healing so that your mind and heart will be fresh again? If your vacation doesn’t have an idea, it’s a good idea to take a short walk to the beach, park or mountains to just refresh your feelings. Here are some outfits that you can use for your vacation.

Choosing soft and light materials will certainly make you more comfortable, lightweight materials also look very beautiful when in the photo later, of course you don’t just go on vacation while taking pictures with the coolest outfits. The black and white motif turns out to be pretty cool to use for a vacation, if you are a passionate person you can also wear bright colored outfits, line and flower motifs are also very elegant when used for holidays. In addition to outfits, you can also add accessories such as hats, cool sandals or glasses that will make your style even cooler. Also add a rattan bag or totenbag which is simple but looks very beautiful. Have a nice holiday, take time to spend with the people you care about, Have fun.


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