5 Cool Outfit Home Graduation Ideas

Working on a thesis is indeed quite draining of energy and mind, the thing that is eagerly awaited for every student is of course graduation or graduation. However, currently it is not possible to hold in-person graduations offline, due to the pandemic situation which makes it impossible to gather together. But don’t be sad, because you can still celebrate the graduation celebration at home or a home graduation full of impressions at home.

As a form of appreciation for your hard work so far, keep preparing a very cool and cool home graduation outfit, plus makeup and hairdo. You can take photos and stay stylish. Don’t forget to also prioritize your comfort in dressing when wearing a toga. Let’s choose some home graduation outfits ideas that will definitely impress you even at home. Check them out.

Simple Moments

Want a simple but still elegant style when you graduate at home? Just choose a dress that is flexible and made from comfortable, cold and not hot. In order to still look fashionable, use some additional accessories plus cute heels. Don’t forget to style your hair to make it look more beautiful.


Modern Kebaya 

Kebaya which is very closely related to Indonesian culture and elegant women, which is most synonymous with graduation. For graduation at home, you can choose a modern graduation kebaya style that is elegant and feminine. To keep it looking elegant, try choosing elegant nude colors, beautiful pastel colors. For graduation kebaya subordinates, look for fabric colors that match the kebaya. You can also use a small bun or a bun.For those of you who wear a hijab, you can also modify your kebaya in the form of a hijab with a veil color that matches your kebaya and skirt.



Elegant Lace Dress

Dreamy home graduation style, choose a lace/ lace dress that makes you look more feminine. This material is one of the most timeless but still has a charming effect. Don’t forget to add minimalistic but beautiful makeup.


Practical & Stylish jumpsuit

Jumpsuits make you look mature and confident when you graduate at home. This home graduation outfit also doesn’t need to be complicated and only takes a few moments to prepare this style, even though it’s simple, this style still looks stylish. The idea of ​​a jumpsuit graduation outfit makes the body look level, just use high heels when wearing this one outfit.

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