5 Denim Styles for the New Year that You Can Try

The spring/summer 2022 fashion show is full of denim clothing, from luxurious couture-style outfits to casual looks that stay cool. In the past year, we’ve seen a major shift from the dominant skinny jeans of yesteryear to wide-leg, and even low-waisted styles. Experimenting with denim can be quite a challenge, but give it a try and see how you feel when you wear this denim outfit. Let’s take a look at some pretty cool denim jeans inspiration for the start of the year.

 Low & Loose Pants 

Fashion always goes dynamic in accordance with the times, this casual trend with denim clothing is 180 of skinnies that are suitable for those who have high waisted in the past. This style is quite cool to use at the beginning of the year that requires a casual style but still looks cool.

Dresses + Skirts 

This style revival in the ’90s made us all feel like rom-com stars. It’s a pretty cool style with the stylish idea of ​​layering a denim skirt over a turtleneck. It’s pretty cool to wear now and in the spring to come, very elegant and feminine.


Denim-on-denim patches evoke and remind us of the traditional Japanese patchwork style called boro, which was very popular in the 19th and 20th centuries. More and more clothing brands are using sustainable techniques to rework old pieces/patchwork and dead fabrics into new inventions. You can add a pretty cool t-shirt or blouse combined with this denim patch.


Justin and Britney have monopolized the fashion style with this look for too long, it’s time for you to be inspired by this style. This is a classic look that is nice and elegant, of course it looks fresh when worn, added with bag accessories and glasses. We really like the special versions of Rejina Pyo and YSL.


Over-the-top jeans know how to have fun. Wear over-the-top Jeans at night with friends and create a sparkling party outfit. This style is simple but very luxurious and certainly cool.

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