7 cool nautical style guides for men

Explaining a little about the nautical style, the nautical style is this style, which was originally popular in the 1930s, has become one of the classic styles that can be applied from time to time, of course, followed by style developments from year to year. the name, a style that is closely related to summer on the coast to the middle of the sea while riding a boat, a style that is popular as a sailor style. You can still look more stylish and fashionable by choosing a nautical style. Fashion lovers are interested to try it? Check out the following mix and match trick.

  1. Nautical style distinctive color clothes

Nautical style is usually used when summer arrives, colors with a distinctive sea are commonly found in clothing models with nautical style. Nautical appearance has colors such as dark blue, white, light brown and gold. Initially the British Royal Navy used these colors as a marker of the level of seafaring status in the 18th century. Although the nautical style has been around for hundreds of years, this style is considered timeless, cool and still relevant for all time.

2. Choose another color for the chinos

Chino pants are also suitable to complement the nautical style, you have to roll the chino pants at the bottom to make the nautical style touch more solid. Pants with colors such as red, brown, cream, and gray are some of the choices that you can apply to your nautical fashion style.

3. Wear a classic striped shirt

In addition to being stylish with chinos, it is added with a casual trip shirt. The hallmark of the nautical style is also on the Breton T-shirt. This long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt has a classic striped motif. When choosing a color for a t-shirt, it’s a good idea to stick to choosing white and blue nautical style. You can also choose a shirt made of linen or cotton to make it comfortable when used in casual or smart-casual appearances. In addition, these materials can make your skin more comfortable and breathe more freely in the midst of the hot summer weather.

4. Complete your style with boat shoes

Footwear is one of the things that needs to be considered in choosing a fashion style, and boat shoes are the right shoes for this appearance. The classic white and blue colors in the nautical style will look harmonious when paired with brown shoes. These colors can look warmer to the eye and look cooler. Meanwhile, if you want to give the impression of being more relaxed, relaxed and airy, now boat shoes made of canvas are also available.

5. Dapper with a double-breasted blazer


Pairing a light double-breasted blazer with a T-shirt and chino pants we discussed above. Instantly the model on the output will give a sharper touch to your appearance. You can also pair it with shorts. A blazer is also cool to pair with knee-length pants. when you want a more luxurious style pair it with gold buttons on the blazer to choose a distinctive nautical style.


6. Add nautical style accessories

If you are a detail-oriented person, of course you will not miss the addition of accessories to your style. You can add accessories that are thick with maritime nuances to complete your appearance in the choice of nautical style. Complete the chino pants with a belt with an anchor symbol, decorate your hands with an anchor strap bracelet, as well as anchor ornaments on tie clips or cufflinks for a more formal appearance, you can also wear a strip tie or an anchor pattern.

7. Don’t go too much and pair everything at once

The thing you need to remember is not to pair the various fashion items mentioned above at the same time. Indeed, these clothing models play an important role in the nautical style, but when you wear them all at the same time it will look like wearing a sailor-themed costume. So let’s try to apply the nautical style to look your fashionable style.

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