7 Men’s Hairstyles in 2021

Time is rolling fast and it doesn’t feel like entering the month of January 2021, it doesn’t feel like it’s entering a new year, of course you are also ready to prepare for this new style innovation in 2021, in addition to hairstyle clothes are a part of fashion that supports your appearance, this time we will discuss hairstyles men that you can inspire in 2021, if you are still confused about what haircut style you want to choose in 2021 you can take a peek at some of the styles below.

  1. Top Knot

A hairstyle known in traditional Japanese society, a hairstyle with the characteristics of the right, left and back looks thin and is left to lengthen at the top so that it can be ponytail or bun, this hairstyle is perfect for those of you with straight hair.


2. Slicked Back Hair

A timeless hairstyle that makes you look neat. A style that is suitable and easy to apply in any hair type, if you like simple, rapid and menly you can try this hairstyle.



3. Bowl Cut

The hairstyle that was popular in 2020, in 2021 is estimated to be still the favorite choice, the bowl cut hairstyle that resembles a bowl looks unique and funny, adding to your cool appearance. Make faces look cute and cool.

4. High Top Fade Haircut

This hairstyle is aimed at men who especially curly hair, High top fade.haircut gives a fresh impression and can emphasize the shape of the face of the jaw,

5. Comma Hair

The distinctive feature of this haircut is that the front bangs are shaped to resemble a comma punctuation mark. Many South Korean men who work as Kpop singers or actors try this cut style.

6. Pompadour

Classic and neat hairstyles will make you more cool and charming, simple cuts but very rapid and charming look.

7. Buzz Cut

The loose hair style makes men look fresh and macho, this style is for those of you who like simple and don’t want to bother styling your hair.

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