7 Trendy Styles for Boys in Fall/Winter

It’s already winter, upgrade your style now to enjoy this cold month with a new style and spirit, approaching the end of the year that will make us excited to start new things in the new year. Famous brands such as Prada, Fendi and Zegna, and new collections with more creative fashion ideas.

Red Alert

The red color is quite attractive to wear in this winter, it looks bright and vibrant. This winter pretty much made a fashion splash with shades of red, vermillion and cherry. The key in choosing a style to get the look right is choosing one bright item and keeping everything else neutral like adding black or white. At Alyx, designer Matthew Williams showed off a stunning red plaid bomber jacket, at Louis Vuitton and ERL it captivated with a surprising collection of red coats, while at Jil Sander and Casablanca sewing coral red was the case.

Tough ass leather

A shiny, black leather jacket that is charming is suitable for use when we are outside. The 1970s-inspired style in Casablanca and Paul Smith’s leather jacket doesn’t forget the delicious lacquer numbers, buttoned off the front of the collection, Prada.



This collared t-shirt that covers the neck is pretty cool to wear this winter, paired with a jacket or with a cool jacket or coat.

Salopettes in the city

Winter It’s impossible for us to just stay home a lot and not go skiing outside, although we can’t be free this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay dressed like you’re on the slopes ready to go skiing. A quite charming shirt with very soft and bulky clothes when worn in winter, specially designed taking into account the very cold weather outside. The best shows of this fashion style can be found at Fendi, Dries Van Noten and ERL.


The appearance of a suit with a matching color between the coat and pants is still quite charming to use. Defined by matching top and bottom fabric cuts of tailor and without, canvas and the idea of ​​traditional collar styles (with Maoist charm), the best of which can be found cut from sharkskin at Prada and Paul Smith, accompanied by spongy double-faced wool at Jill Sander.

Party pajamas

Gay pjamas used for parties are quite a cool idea to use this winter. At Dior, the military suit collection in mohair has an appeal that is complemented by sleepwear that is quite unique in its choice of style ideas, while at the A-Cold-Wall*, ERL and Prada collections, knitted two-pieces, onesie and long johns look out of place. lose cool.

Teeny-tiny man bags

Several world fashion brands issued stylish ideas with small bags around their necks. The cool style is embellished with a dainty bag worn around the neck which is pretty cool for style this winter.





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