Cactus Jack Dior Spring Men Fashion 2022

Male artistic director Kim Jones Inspired by Dior’s deep connection with the American state of Texas, Kim Jones collaborated with Travis Scott on the Dior Summer 2022 Men’s collection.

 A collaboration of cultures and ideas, resulting in a collection that expresses the identity of innovative modern musicians and Dior’s heritage. The theme for the Spring 2022 menswear show takes place at Christian Dior’s childhood Rose Garden recreation, which inspired him to become a cactus garden reflecting the upbringing of Texas-born rapper Travis Scott in Houston. In his collection, Dior includes his favorite colors. The Grand Canyon and dusty desert that Dior admires is reflected in his collection of sun-bleached palettes and cafe colors, pistachios, mauves and pale blues, these are the colors in Dior’s haute couture gown. Subsequently, Dior Toile de Jouy became chine Toile de Cactus, the original toile motif translated into southern embroidery on a suit depicting a desert landscape.

Tailleur oblique that sticks high to the body, a touch of formality contrasts with elements of sportswear with couture details on the sweatpants section, T-shirt decorated with embroidery and hand-painted, which is washed to resemble tour merchandise. The evolutionary depiction of Dior’s 1956 “arrow” line is reflected in the house’s savoir-faire, where tailoring underlies the collection: Soft flaring under the high waist and narrow armhole, fluid trousers, and sleek coat, looks cool and masculine. Using as prints and embroidery Scott has reimagined the Dior logo through a series of hand-drawn graphics. Other added motifs include Houston’s topography, the character of Cactus Jack and patchwork imagery taken from the Dior archive, imagery travel trophies that adorn leather souvenir bags and jackets from the Dior collection.

Kim Jones also collaborated with Dior Artistic Director Joaillerie Victoire de Castellane for the first time, on a piece of jewelry: A cactus necklace, blooming with gems. Dior also collaborated with contemporary artist George Condo, who produced a dialogue between American pop sensibilities and old European master paintings. Condo has created a hand-painted shirt, a unique piece that will be auctioned after the show will be used to support future generations of creative talent through scholarships.

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